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Tips to Avoid Broken Windshields

broken windshield

A tiny, barely noticeable chip in your windshield can easily spread into a lengthy crack. Before you know it, that crack is causing you to replace your entire windshield, which can take a huge toll on your wallet if it's unexpected.

That's why it's crucial to avoid broken windshields before they happen. But how can you do that?

There are actually several simple ways to prevent windshield cracks, and they can all help you save money in the end. If you're interested in learning how to keep your windshield intact, just keep on reading for some tips!


Avoid Driving Behind Large Vehicles

When you drive directly behind a large vehicle or a construction truck, you're much more likely to experience windshield damage because there's the potential for larger amounts of debris. This is because small rocks and pebbles can become dislodged from the vehicle's tires, striking the pavement and then bouncing back up to collide with your windshield.

Be sure to leave lots of space between you and a large vehicle, even if it's equipped with mudflaps.

Clean Your Windshield Regularly

Keeping your windshield clean helps improve visibility, making it easier for you to see what's on the road ahead. Regular cleaning also gives you the chance to inspect your windshield; if there are any small chips or cracks, you'll notice them while cleaning and can get it taken care of quickly.

Drive Carefully

When you're on the road, driving carefully and maintaining your speed will help reduce the likelihood of windshield damage from rocks or debris. Of course, flying debris is sometimes unavoidable, but reducing your speed can lessen the impact or even avoid damage completely. In areas where there are rocks or debris, reduce your speed until you're back onto clear pavement.

You should also ensure that you're keeping your distance from other vehicles ahead of you. Not only will this help prevent windshield damage, but it will increase your reaction time in case of a collision.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can have a negative impact on your windshield, so always be sure to park your vehicle in a garage or underneath an awning if possible in cases of severe heat or cold. Colder temperatures can cause small cracks in your windshield to spread.

Get Chips and Cracks Repaired Immediately

If you do notice a chip or crack in your windshield, it's vital that you get windshield repair immediately, even if the damage seems minimal.

Small cracks can grow and spread across your entire windshield, reducing visibility and causing a safety hazard. Once cracks have spread, you might have to end up replacing your windshield completely, so it's always best to contact a reputable glass repair company like Capital Auto Glass.

Avoid Broken Windshields Before They Happen

Even the smallest windshield chip can end up costing you, so it's important that you take measures to avoid any damage in the first place. Now that you're aware of these tips to avoid broken windshields, you can look forward to saving some money and keeping your vehicle’s windshield intact.

Already have a chip, crack, or break in your windshield? Contact Capital Auto Glass in Victoria and Courtenay to learn about all of our auto glass services!


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