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Window Glass Replacement in Victoria and Sidney

Is the glass of your window broken, chipped, or getting foggy? We can assist! A full window replacement is not the only option to deal with damaged glass issues. At Capital Auto Glass, we offer a sealed unit replacement as a viable alternative to complete window replacement in Victoria and Sidney. It involves changing only the glass unit without replacing the window's frame. If the frame of your window is in good condition, a sealed unit replacement can be a cost-effective solution to eliminate chipped and broken glass issues.


Our specialists can handle it all quickly and efficiently. Our emphasis is, and always will be, on professional and quality results to ensure our customers get best-in-class service. We provide warranty coverage on all our window glass replacements. Call our specialists to replace your sealed window unit in Victoria and Sidney


What Is a Sealed Unit?

A sealed unit is the window's interior glass, which consists of two to three panes of glass separated by an air pocket filled with gas or a vacuum to improve insulation and reduce heat transfer. Sealed units can wear out under constant expansion, contraction, and moisture seeping in. The most common causes of failed sealed units are:

Improper or faulty window installation

Exposure to sealant dissolving harsh chemicals

Exposure to strong winds and extreme weather conditions that put pressure on the glass panes

Excessive physical force or projectile impact on the glass

Please call us if you notice any of the following on your windows:


Fog or wetness in between the panes

Cracked, chipped, or broken glass

Distorted and warped glass

Water dripping and leaking

If your windows are less than 15 years old and your frames are in good condition, we may be able to provide a cost-effective solution and replace the sealed unit instead of going for a full window replacement.

Benefits of Sealed Unit Replacement

If you’re looking for a quick and budget-friendly fix, we can help with sealed unit replacements depending on the overall condition of your window frames. A complete window replacement where both the frame and glass are replaced can be an overwhelming investment, in which case you could consider the many benefits of replacing your sealed units instead, such as:

Improves energy efficiency and insulation

Affordable and effective

Improves the appearance and overall level of comfort of your property

Contact our window replacement experts in Victoria or Sidney. We will be happy to provide high-quality solutions while considering your budget, timeline, and other specifications.


When Should You Replace Your Window Glass?

Window glass replacement refers to the removal of old glass from your window frame or sash and installing of new glass. You should consider window glass replacement if:

Your window frame is in good condition, but you have a cracked or broken glass pane.

You have single-pane glass windows.

Another instance that may require window glass replacement is condensation or fog on the inner side of windows that have been subjected to drafts. Double-pane windows, when properly installed, should not cause any condensation. Usually, cleaning the components with white vinegar and water is likely to resolve the issue. But if that doesn't work or the problem gets worse, you might want to consider replacing your windows.

Signs You Should Consider A Full Window Replacement

If the frames of your windows are damaged, it is best to replace your windows to make your room and home or building safer and more energy efficient. It might be time to consider a full window replacement if you notice any of the signs listed below:

Difficult to open or close your windows.

Decaying or damaged window frames.

Drafts of air near your windows.

Why Choose Us?

Here is how Capital Auto Glass can help in replacing glass windows:


If your windows are damaged and need to be replaced, the experts at Capital Auto Glass will assist you in choosing the perfect option for your property.

We provide a large selection of sealed window glass units that will add beauty and elegance to your home while also making it more comfortable and energy efficient.

Our trained and experienced window experts are committed to providing high-quality craftsmanship and long-lasting solutions.

With decades of experience and knowledge under our belt, we can provide creative and effective repairs and installations for all kinds of structures and properties.

We are careful to follow all safety and construction guidelines and will ensure minimum inconvenience to you and your home or your business.

Along with trusted window glass replacement services, we can repair and install glass shower doors for commercial and residential establishments in and around Victoria. We also provide full-range auto-glass services for your cars and automobiles at our workshops. Give us a call and discuss your window glass replacement needs!


If you need more information on window glass replacement or need emergency services to have your window glass replaced, call us today.


Expert Window Replacement

Our team can efficiently replace broken or damaged window glass in your home or office in and around Victoria.

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