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How Long Will It Take to Replace My Windshield?

Don’t let windshield damage build up over time. Whether it’s from flying rock debris, or vandalism, there will come a time when you’ll need to replace your windshield.

a smashed car windshield that needs to be replaced

Although a damaged windshield disrupts your daily life, it doesn't have to take long to fix. That’s where Capital Auto Glass comes in! Let's talk about how long it takes to replace a windshield so that you have peace of mind when it's needed most.

Safety Factors to Consider If Your Windshield Is Damaged

A windshield doesn't have to be fully destroyed to need a replacement. A simple crack will often become a much worse problem if ignored, and one of the most common dangers is having your entire field of vision compromised while driving.

Additionally, you need to consider a few other things, such as:

  • Compromised integrity of vehicle structure

  • Compromised airbag deployment

  • Water leakage

  • Potential of shattered glass

  • Greater risk of ejection in the case of an accident

Windshield damage of any level should be fixed immediately. At least 160,000 car accidents happen annually in Canada, and many result in ejections. Ignoring a broken windshield could increase the risk of ejections in the case of an accident.

What Does Windshield Replacement Entail?

With the correct training and experience, replacing a cracked or damaged windshield is not as time-consuming as it might seem – so there’s no reason to keep putting it off.

A licensed technician can complete the job in about five steps. After removing the trim that holds the windshield in place, along with wipers and other elements in the area, the technician will remove the entire damaged windshield.

After this, a few other steps will follow:

  1. Removing any signs of excess urethane

  2. Applying a urethane primer to seal the windshield in place

  3. Reinstalling the windshield

  4. Giving the urethane time to cure

  5. Replacing the rubber gaskets removed at the start of the installment

So, How Long Does It Take?

A windshield replacement usually averages around an hour, although it can extend up to two hours. Some repairs can be completed as quickly as 15 or 20 minutes, but of course, this will depend on the job's extent and the current windshield's state.

Here’s everything else you should know about getting a windshield replaced by Capital Auto Glass:

Can I drop off my car and wait, or will it be in the shop all day?

If you’re getting a windshield replacement, you can expect to drop off your vehicle with us for the day. However, if it’s a repair, it may only take around 45 minutes.

How long does it typically take to get an appointment?

It should typically take 1-3 days; however, due to post-pandemic volumes, it may take up to 2-3 weeks. Please give us a call to find out our current availability!

Do you have a drop-off or pickup service?

Capital Auto Glass offers a courtesy car service for insurance replacement jobs. If you’re getting auto glass replaced under insurance, then we can provide you with a courtesy car. Please call us for details.

Count On Capital Auto Glass for Windshield Replacement in Victoria and Sidney

Things happen on and off the road, but regardless of how your windshield gets damaged, it's best not to put off a repair or a replacement. Being fast to act can save you money and get you safely back on the road faster. Whether you need a crack or chip repaired, a complete replacement for your car, or even your RV, you can count on Capital Auto Glass!

Get in touch with us to fix your auto glass problems quickly in Victoria and Sidney!


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