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What to Do For an Auto Glass Damage Claim with ICBC

A small chip in your windshield can quickly grow into a windshield repair. You don't need to keep postponing dealing with your auto glass damages. Filing a claim and getting your auto glass repaired is hassle-free with Capital Auto Glass.

Damaged auto glass

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Learn more about the ICBC glass repair process and how Capital Auto Glass can help it go more smoothly.

Will ICBC Cover My Auto Glass Damages?

ICBC covers auto glass claims if you have Comprehensive coverage. The Basic Autoplan covers damage to your vehicle from a collision if the other driver was at fault. It doesn't cover windshield repairs or replacements.

ICBC Comprehensive covers auto glass damages from a range of causes such as:

  • Falling or flying objects like rocks or gravel

  • Hail

  • Vandalism

  • Attempted theft of your vehicle

Submitting a Comprehensive claim for windshield repair typically won't increase your premium.

How to Submit an ICBC Auto Glass Claim

The easiest way to initiate an auto glass claim with ICBC is to let Capital Auto Glass do it for you. Capital Auto Glass is an ICBC Express provider. We can start a claim in less than five minutes if you meet certain criteria. To be eligible for ICBC Express, you must:

  • Have valid ICBC auto insurance with Comprehensive coverage

  • Have only one damaged piece of glass

In addition, the auto glass damages must not be the result of a collision or other more serious incident. You have a maximum of three damage areas per claim. Capital Auto Glass will invoice ICBC directly. You won't need to pay anything unless the windshield needs to be replaced. You'll pay the windshield replacement deductible if it applies.

Windshield Repair vs Windshield Replacement

ICBC prefers to repair your windshield if possible. Windshield repair saves time and money. You don't need to pay your deductible for approved windshield repairs.

The ICBC windshield replacement policy is straightforward. Capital Auto Glass can repair your windshield if the damage meets several conditions:

  • Damage is smaller than a loonie

  • Repair won't leave residual damage more than 1/4 inch in the driver's line of sight

  • Damage isn't a long crack

  • No pre-existing damage that would require replacement

  • Damage isn't a previously failed repair.

  • Damage isn't over a heated element or covering a sensor or camera

All windshield repairs must follow BC Motor Vehicle Act regulations. The driver's vision must be clear.

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How Much Time Does ICBC Glass Repair Take?

A windshield repair or replacement takes less time than you think. We probably only need your car for around 45 minutes for a windshield repair itself but may need to have it longer depending on how busy we are. Your car is likely to be in the shop all day with an ICBC windshield replacement claim.

Using an ICBC-approved glass repair program facility like Capital Auto Glass saves time. We can submit the claim on your behalf and start working right away.

You'll need to make an appointment for your glass repair or replacement. You can usually get an appointment within a few days, though.

Start Your ICBC Claim with Capital Auto Glass

If you have Comprehensive coverage from ICBC, they should cover your auto glass damages.

Capital Auto Glass is an approved ICBC glass shop. We can file your claim for you and invoice ICBC directly. You can get back on the road faster and with less hassle.

The windshield replacement cost with insurance could be lower than you think. Contact Capital Auto Glass today to schedule an auto glass appointment.


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