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Expert Windshield Replacement in Victoria and Sidney

A car windshield provides a clear front view of the road while driving safely and contributes to the roof's structure to prevent you from getting crushed during a rollover. It prevents you from getting thrown out during a collision and acts as a backstop for passenger airbags to absorb the force of deployed airbags.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to keep your windshield fully intact while driving with no compromise to the car's structural integrity, as per the Auto Glass Safety Council.

Capital Auto Glass adheres meticulously to the norms and standards set out by the AGSC while providing quality, durable windshield replacement services in Victoria and Sidney. Our clients also enjoy a lifetime leak-free guarantee and ICBC Auto Glass coverage.

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Professional Windshield Installation

An improperly fitted windshield might pose a severe safety concern in the case of an accident due to the car's lower structural integrity.

Our trained technicians provide specialized installation for windshield replacement, including:

  • Removing the broken windshield to avoid damaging the bonding surface and prevent leaks and corrosion.

  • Use of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality windshield is used for the replacement to make your vehicle like the new one.

  • Thorough glass cleaning for proper adhering.

  • Using Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) approved adhesives for proper sealing.

  • Strictly following the drive-away time for allowing the adhesive to settle for safe driving as per AGSC guidelines.

Our auto glass technicians are trained and experienced in quality windshield replacement for all makes and models, enabling us to offer a lifetime leak-free guarantee.

Types of Windshield Glass

Two types of windshield glass that are primarily used are:

  • Laminated windshield glass is super strong, made of two layers of glass fused with a plastic coating, and is best for the front windshield. This feature of windshield glass can sustain the impact during an accident and prevent the driver from being thrown out.

  • Tempered windshield glass is more robust than regular glass and used for side windows and rear windshields. It breaks into small round pieces to prevent shattered glass injury and can only be replaced.


You can choose any quality product for replacement but don't delay as it is detrimental to safe driving. Contact Capital Auto Glass for quality windshield replacement in Victoria and Sidney.

Damaged/Cracked Windshield: To Be Repaired or Replaced

By understanding a few factors, you can determine whether your damaged windshield needs to be repaired or replaced:

  • If there are small chips on your windshield, we recommend getting it repaired.

  • Multiple cracks usually can't be repaired. Also, when cracks reach the edge of the windshield, that could be even more urgent by compromising the integrity of the car's structure.

  • Small chips or cracks at the driver's line of sight can make driving unsafe and thus calls for replacement.

Tips to Avoid Damage to Your Windshield

Taking care of your windshield will save you money, time, and effort, and you can do it by following some precautions while driving:

  • Ensure you park your vehicle in a proper shed or garage during the extreme winter or summer season.

  • Take care of minor damages like chips and cracks to prevent them from spreading across the entire windshield, and get them repaired as soon as possible.

  • Reduce the speed of your vehicle on rocky or unfinished roads to avoid flying debris or rocks hitting your windshield. Also, ensure you keep your distance from cars you are trailing behind.


We at Capital Auto Glass provide reliable windshield repair in Victoria and Sidney, BC, by experienced technicians.


Quality Installation and Replacement

Trusted auto glass services for windshield replacement in Victoria and Sidney, BC, with a lifetime leak-free guarantee.

FAQ Related to ICBC Windshield Replacement Coverage

Here are a few of the questions we get about the insurance coverage and procedures for windshield replacement:

  • Should I Claim Insurance for the Windshield Glass Replacement?
    Yes, you can claim the cost of windshield replacement if you have ICBC-approved comprehensive car insurance.


  • Will a Windshield Glass Replacement Affect My Insurance Premium?
    Not at all. Because 
    glass replacement falls under comprehensive auto insurance, and insurance premiums are typically not affected by replacing your auto glass. Further, most cracked, or shattered windshields are caused by external factors rather than driver negligence.


  • How Much Is Windshield Glass Deductible?
    The deductible is the amount one must pay for work performed before the insurance covers the rest. Under ICBC Comprehensive Insurance, auto glass deductible generally ranges between $300 and $500, depending on the policy chosen.

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