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Rock Chip Repair in Victoria and Sidney

At Capital Auto Glass, we empathize with windshield chips and cracks' inconvenience and safety concerns. We recognize that these imperfections can be distracting and potentially dangerous, as they may lead to your windshield shattering upon impact. That's why we're committed to offering swift and reliable rock chip repair services in the beautiful areas of Victoria and Sidney.

Your safety is our top priority, and we understand that even a small chip can escalate into a more significant issue if left unattended. Our skilled staff and technicians are here to ensure your peace of mind by promptly addressing any rock chips or cracks in your windshield. Connect with us for further information.

Importance of Repairing Rock Chips Right Away

Rock chips tend to get larger and cause cracking that spreads more over time. Claims must also be processed within two years of the incident to be covered by ICBC insurance. So, it is in your best interest to deal with rock chip damage immediately before a crack forms or spreads and you are forced to replace your windshield and pay a deductible.



How to Get Your Windshield Rock Chip Repaired

When you get a chip in your windshield, call Capital Auto Glass or drop into one of our locations in Victoria or Sidney to see when we can fix it. Stone chip repair can usually be done in under an hour. Once you contact us, we can make an appointment for it to be done within 2-3 days.

The repair can typically be completed in a mere 20-30 minutes. However, please allow us more time to efficiently handle the paperwork and capture essential photographs to finalize the entire process, which we strive to accomplish within an hour.


While we diligently work on your vehicle, you can wait in our comfy waiting area or enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the nearby local coffee shops. Feel free to take a short break, and when you return, your windshield repair should be good to go, ensuring your convenience and minimal disruption to your day.


Rock Chip Repair Process

We follow a straightforward process for rock chip repairs, including creating a vacuum over the damaged area. We then remove the air and moisture and inject resin to fill even the smallest microcracks. Once we remove the vacuum, we use UV light to harden the resin. We will try our hardest to repair your auto glass as swiftly as possible, and as an ICBC-approved facility, we can quickly process any relevant claims, deductibles, and taxes.


Rock chip repair is a complex process, and repairing the damage on your own is not advisable. Doing so can damage your vehicle and compromise your safety on the road.

Types of Rock Chips

A stray stone or another object can result in several types of chips and cracks on your windshield. These include:


  • Star chip: A star chip has more minor cracks emanating from the centre of the chip. Neglecting to repair a star chip can cause the cracks to spread, resulting in the need for a possible replacement.
  • Batwing chip: A batwing chip has two cracks that come out in the shape of a 'V,' making it appear like a bat spreading its wings. Like the star chip, these cracks can also spread.
  • Bullseye chip: This is one of the most common types of windshield cracks, characterized by a centre with damage around it, akin to a spider's web. Generally, these cracks are easy to repair.
  • Combination chip: A combination chip includes a mixture of the bullseye and star chips, and bits of the glass might be missing. These chips can be challenging but not impossible to repair if you bring your car in quickly.

Please call us if you want to know more about crack repairs or need an estimate of rock chip repair costs in Victoria and Sidney.

What Does Rock Chip Repair Cost in BC?

Windshield rock chip repairs are free with ICBC comprehensive insurance; you don’t have to pay a deductible. It will not cost you anything but your time and premiums will not increase due to a claim. If your windshield damage does not qualify for repair, the windshield must be replaced as per the BC Motor Vehicle Act.


All windshield repairs must comply with the BC Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.


What Can Be Fixed vs. What Must Be Replaced

ICBC autoplan
Windshield Chip and repair

The BC Motor Vehicle Act specifies which rock chips can be repaired and which cannot be repaired due to safety guidelines. We can repair ¼” chips or smaller in the driver critical viewing area or loonie size or smaller in most other places. Anything larger and the whole windshield needs to be replaced. 

There are some other guidelines for chip repair:


  • The damaged area is smaller than a loonie.

  • The damage is less than ¼” in the critical viewing area.

  • The damage isn’t over a heated windshield element, sensors, or camera system.

  • The damage is not a previously failed repair.

  • There isn't pre-existing damage, such as a long crack, which doesn't qualify for repairs.

  • There is no residual damage after the repair, which is more than ¼ inch in the driver's line of vision.


You have not exceeded the repair limit, i.e., a maximum of 3 damage areas per claim.

Talk to our team if you want to know more about our windshield chip repair or require an appointment.


Why Choose Capital Auto Glass?

Here's why clients trust us for rock chip repairs:


  • Expertise: All our technicians are trained and experienced in windshield repair, ensuring that your vehicle's safety features and structural integrity remain intact.

  • Quality materials: We use top-quality materials and the latest techniques to repair your windshield, ensuring lasting results and preventing further damage.

  • Insurance assistance: Dealing with vehicle insurance claims can be a hassle. We'll assist you in navigating the insurance process to make it as seamless as possible.

  • Customer satisfaction: Our dedication to providing exceptional service and ensuring your satisfaction has earned us a reputation for being the trusted choice for rock chip repair in Victoria and Sidney.


Don't compromise your safety or stop repairing those rock chips any longer. Contact Capital Auto Glass today, and let us restore the clarity and integrity of your windshield, ensuring your peace of mind on the road.


Dependable Auto Glass Solutions

You can trust our technicians to perform effective rock chip repair in Victoria.

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