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Victoria's Top Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Are you looking for dependable auto glass and windshield chip repair in Victoria? Capital Auto Glass is here to help. Our team provides a comprehensive range of auto glass repair and replacement services in Victoria, Sidney, and Courtenay, BC. All glass installations have a lifetime leak-free guarantee honoured at any of our three shops. With the largest available auto glass inventory on Vancouver Island, we will always be one step ahead of our competitors. For more details about services related to auto glass in Victoria, contact us today


Benefits of Our Services


  • Exceptional customer service

  • Free courtesy cars*

  • Pickup and delivery of our clients’ vehicles

  • Same-day service on over 90% of our work

  • Chip repairs while you wait

  • Mobile services

  • Safety inspections

Are you looking for reliable auto glass repair in Victoria or Sidney? Get in touch with us today.

Common Causes of Auto Glass Damage?

The windshield, rear glass, and window glass in your car can be damaged in varying degrees by different factors. While some accidents cause severe damage that might require replacements, mild damage to your auto glass can be remedied by simple repairs. Some common causes of auto glass damage are:

  • Collisions

  • Natural calamities like earthquakes

  • Bad weather conditions like strong winds or hail

  • Objects (ex. rocks flying against your vehicle)

  • Temperature fluctuations

It is imperative to get your car inspected and repaired as soon as you notice an issue. Even minor chips on your windshield can cause cracks over time or cause it to shatter completely on impact, which can lead to injuries. Give us a call to get a quote for your auto glass repair and replacement in Victoria or across the Island.   

Types of Auto Glass Damage

The types of damage to your windshield are broadly categorized into chips, cracks, and combination breaks.


There are several kinds of chips, including:

  1. Bulls-eyes: These are circular chips with a bigger impact hole in the centre.
  2. Half-moons: Half-moon chips are a lot like the bulls-eye, apart from not being completely circular.    


Like chips, there are several types of cracks, including:

  1. Edge cracks: These cracks begin at the edges of your windshield.
  2. Floater cracks: These cracks appear in the middle of the windshield.
  3. Stress cracks: Extreme weather conditions usually cause these cracks over a prolonged period.

Combination breaks

As the name suggests, these refer to several small breaks on the windshield. In most cases, deep combination breaks make replacement necessary.

We are specialized in repairing and replacing all kinds of damage to your auto glass in the Greater Victoria area. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

When Auto Glass Replacement Is Your Best Choice

Our team tries our best to fix your auto glass with a repair. However, serious incidents require a replacement. In these cases, replacements are important to adhere to safety standards and ensure your auto glass's longevity. We provide expert auto glass replacements with the utmost attention to detail.


A chip or crack on your auto glass can often turn into something more severe if not attended to immediately. Driving with chips and cracks on your auto glass is a safety hazard both for you and those on the road. There is no reason to put off your auto glass inspection with our trustworthy and quick auto glass replacement services.  Our team of trained professionals will not only get you back on the road quickly, but our windshield replacements are backed by our lifetime leak-free guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I Repair or Replace My Windshield?

    If the crack or chip is a minor one, you can consider windshield repair. However, windshield damages tend to expand and potentially put the safety of the vehicle and its passengers at risk. This is why it is important to replace the damaged windshield at the earliest.

  • Can I Replace the Windshield Myself?

    It is best to leave windshield replacement to the experts. Get in touch with Capital Auto Glass for professional auto glass repair services.

  • Can I Drive My Car Immediately After Glass Replacement?

    It is always recommended not to drive the car for a few hours after the replacement.

If you need more information about auto glass and windshield chip repairs in Victoria and Sidney, please speak to a member of our team. You can also check out our blog for informative content.

Insurance Coverage for Auto Glass Repairs

Glass repairs and replacements can be costly, but if you have comprehensive coverage from ICBC, it will easily cover your windshield repair and replacement cost. The plan may also provide you with free repairs if the damage meets specific criteria. Speak to a member of our team to get detailed information about the insurance coverage options available to you.

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