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How to Choose the Best Auto Glass Repair Company

replacing car auto glass

A small chip or crack in a windshield instantly weakens your windshield and compromises its safety. Even if the damage is small, it's smart to get your auto glass replaced as soon as possible, before it becomes a safety risk. 

However it can be difficult to find the right auto glass company. Here are some tips to help you find a reputable and reliable auto glass repair company near you. 


Online Reviews of the Business

Customer testimonials are one of the most trusted forms of marketing out there.

We all love to hear about experiences other people have had with companies. True, we know that these tend to be at either end of the spectrum - the very satisfied and the not so satisfied.

They may not be perfect, but we can often get a good insight into a company by reading reviews.

When reviewing online reviews of auto glass repair services, look out for:

• Does the company have a high trust rating?

• How do customers feel about the quality of their service?

• What is their overall star rating?

Reviews can help build your confidence that you're going to get the level of service you're looking for.


Auto glass repair is nothing new, and there are companies out there with serious experience.

The advantage of choosing a company with a lot of experience is that they've seen it all before. However complex it is to replace your windshield, mobile auto glass repair services with years of experience can handle it.

The fact that they have been in the industry for a long time also tells you about their customer service. Customers keep coming back to companies they trust. A long track record tells you they've been getting it right for years.

Quick and Quality Service

How easily and quickly will the auto glass repair service be able to reach you? Auto glass repair companies that operate from several locations are better placed to get to you quickly.

That said, companies operating nationally can often be stretched over a wide area. Look for a local company with a few well placed outlets, that will be able to reach you easily.

Also, choose a company that provides a transparent service. If they say they offer a same-day service on 90% of their work, that's actually more reassuring than an unrealistic 100% promise. You can trust the wait time they give you will be accurate.

Insurance Coverage

When you see a chip or crack, we can quickly start to worry about the cost of repair or replacement.

For BC residents with ICBC insurance though, all windshield repairs are covered without paying a deductible. If your windshield needs to be replaced, there will be a deductible to pay.

Choose the Best Auto Glass Repair in Victoria!

If you're in the market for auto glass repair services, now you know what you're looking for. An auto glass repair company that has years of experience, great reviews and are known for their quality service.

Capital Auto Glass has been serving Victoria and the surrounding areas for over 100 years providing high quality work for satisfied customers. We have three conveniently located locations in Victoria, Courtenay and Sidney. Our windshields are also covered by our lifetime leak-free guarantee.

Contact us to schedule an auto glass repair service today!


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