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What to Do After Your Car Is Vandalized?

Has your car recently been vandalized?


If you find your car has been vandalized and needs auto glass repair in Victoria or Sidney, BC, follow these initial steps towards getting your vehicle back in shape. 


#1: Call the Police 

The first thing to do about a vandalized car is to call the police to file a report.


While waiting for the police, do your best to assess the damage and note any missing property. Try to self-document and photograph any visible damage for your own verification. 


#2: File a Claim  

Depending on the type of vandalism you are dealing with, you will need to file a claim with your insurance policy. 


If anything of high value is stolen, this is typically covered by your home contents policy. However, if a piece of machinery has been stolen (such as a car radio), this should be covered by your auto policy. If you are dealing with broken windows or doors, this should also be covered in your comprehensive auto policy. 


When going to make a claim, try to have as much evidence of the damage and receipts of valuables as you can. This includes pictures of the damage or proof of the value of items stolen.  


#3: Repair Car Damages

Was your car window damaged during this act of vandalism? Broken glass can feel like a nightmare, but it doesn't have to be. With the right glass repair shop, you and your car will be back to normal in no time. Be sure to repair or replace any damages made and keep receipts for your claim. When choosing an auto repair company, look for the number of years the company has experience in, the type of service provided, and if the team is properly trained. Looking at online reviews is also a good indicator of a reliable company. 


#4: Take Precautions 

Taking car security precautions is worth the extra step. Be sure to never leave a spare key in your car. Many people mindlessly keep their spare in a glove box or compartment; avoid this to stay safe. 


Preventable measures regarding auto safety reduce the likelihood of your car being vandalized. Regularly locking your car and having an alarm are just a few ways to keep your vehicle safe. 


Whenever possible, try and park indoors and in well-lit areas. This increases the chances of any possible vandalism getting caught on camera or having a witness be present to make a statement. 


Hide any possessions in the car while you are away. Items like a laptop or tablet fit easily under a seat. Do your best to remember to practice car safety and place appropriate security measures. Check in with your provider to see what they cover for car vandalism.


Call for Repair Services

Capital Glass in Victoria, BC, specializes in auto glass repairs. It's a privately-owned business that has been serving the area since the 1920s. 


For reliable auto glass repair in Victoria, BC, that you can trust, Capital Glass is only a call away. 


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