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What is E-Coated Glass?

man holding E-Coated Glass

Low-E glass has been around for a while now, but technological leaps and bounds are making it more efficient and robust than ever! Whether you are considering residential or commercial glass replacement in Vancouver Island, make sure to ask about Low-E glass. For comfort, clarity and protection, nothing beats Low-E glass!


What is Low-E glass and how does it work?

  • Low-emissivity glass has a microscopically thin transparent coating that reflects the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays, while still letting visible light through.

  • “Hard-coat” Low-E glass uses a pyrolytic process which basically bakes a coating into the glass during the manufacturing process. It is very resistant and especially good for northern climates as it lets some of the sun’s short-wave infrared light through to help warm the building in winter.

  • “Soft-coat” Low-E glass is applied off-line to pre-cut glass and is ideal for milder climates because it reduces even further the need to cool building and automobile interiors.

What are the benefits of Low-E glass?

  • The primary function of Low-E glass is to help lower heat and air-conditioning needs in buildings and homes, which helps reduce wear on cooling and heating systems and reduce fuel consumption and pollution.

  • But it also filters out the sun’s UV rays which age leather and cloth, fade color and can cause sunburn, skin cancer and retinal damage.

Regardless of your building glass replacement needs or replacement needs in Victoria, BC, there is a Low-E glass option available to you. On Vancouver Island, call us at Capital Auto Glass with all your questions regarding Low-E glass for your home, business, or cottage.

At Capital Auto Glass we have over 45 years of experience with glass replacement in Victoria, BC! With three locations to serve you (Sidney, Victoria, Courtenay), windshield and auto glass repair in Victoria, and the rest of Vancouver Island is a snap with Capital Auto Glass. We have courtesy cars, a lifetime leak-free guarantee and the largest available auto glass inventory on Vancouver Island. And with our fast and professional service, we’re a step ahead of the rest!

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