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Should your windshield be repaired or replaced?

man holding a windshield

It seems like everybody and his uncle is a windshield expert. But in truth, considerable skill, know how and experience are required to take good care of auto glass!

And how many can boast of being in the glass business for three generations and nearly 90 years? At Capital Auto Glass and Upholstery on Vancouver Island we can!

Here are 10 factors to help you determine whether your damaged windshield can be repaired or should be replaced:

  1. It looks minor; what do you do? Get it repaired! And on the double! The thing about small chips is they grow. Don’t wait for the small chip or crack to get out of hand—get down to Capital Auto Glass and Upholstery for expert windshield chip repair in Victoria, BC.

  2. How deep is the chip or crack? In general, auto glass consists of three layers—two layers of glass that sandwich a third layer of poly-vinyl butyral (PVB) that makes it shatter-proof. If the damage penetrates to the inner layer of glass, it is usually unrepairable. Time for glass replacement in Victoria, BC!

  3. What does it look like? If it’s small and circular, you’re in luck. Even if a small piece of glass is missing or little cracks radiate from it, it can probably be repaired.

  4. What size is it? If a chip is less than the size of a quarter, it can be repaired. Cracks up to 40cm long can often be fixed. Call us for windshield chip repair in Courtenay.

  5. How many are there? A few chips are probably fixable if they aren’t in the driver’s line of vision. But cracks usually can’t be repaired if there is more than one.

  6. How long has it been there? The longer you wait, the harder it is to make a clean repair. Dust and dirt accumulate in the hole or crack and cloud the resin, making the repair visible and unsightly.

  7. Where is the damage? If the crack reaches the edge of the windshield, it could be compromising the integrity of the seal and will need to be replaced. The same goes for damage near the radio antenna, heating elements or rain sensors. And even small chips or cracks in the driver’s line of sight will make driving unsafe and will mean a replacement. For RV windshield replacement in Sidney, trust Capital Auto Glass and Upholstery.

  8. What about insurance? Many insurance companies cover 100% of the cost of windshield repair, but not replacement, so get your windshield chip repaired in Victoria, BC, before it becomes a lost cause.

  9. How old is the vehicle? Over time wipers repeatedly streaking across dirty windshields may scratch the glass and make it more difficult to see through—especially at night. A replacement is called for.

Do you know a windshield repair shop you can trust? Yes! For auto glass replacement in Victoria, BC, trust Capital Auto Glass and Upholstery!


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