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How Much Will It Cost for Auto Glass Repairs?

chip on car Windshield

Even the tiniest chip in your auto glass reduces its structural integrity and puts you and your passengers at risk of catastrophic injury. As one of the most essential parts of your vehicle, a broken car window is a liability that needs to be replaced immediately.  

We look at car window replacement costs and what you need to do to get a car window replacement, so keep reading to find out more.


Dangers of Cracked Auto Glass

A broken car window can be dangerous. Rocks and stones kicked up into your windshield by trucks on the highway can lead to chips and cracks. Other causes include hail, extreme temperatures, collisions, or even a stray baseball from the kids next door.    

Irrespective of how you damaged your auto glass, you must replace it immediately. Driving with a broken car window is extremely dangerous.


How Much it Costs to Replace Auto Glass  

The price of car window replacement varies and is determined by factors such as the make and model of the vehicle, the availability of a replacement windshield, whether the part is original or generic, and of course, the auto glass shop itself. 

If your car has sensors built into the windshield, this will increase the price even more. On average, it costs between $250 and $1,500 to replace a windshield. 

We looked at the car window cost for three common cars: a budget vehicle, a mid-priced car, and a luxury vehicle. The cost to buy a new windshield for a Honda Jazz is between $195 and $345. The price for a new windshield for a Toyota Camry is between $135 and $515, and the cost of new auto glass for a Mercedes Benz C Class is between $305 and $1,345. These prices vary according to vehicle age and availability and don’t include fitting. 


What is Covered by Your Insurance? 

Those that have ICBC Comprehensive auto insurance will generally be covered for the cost of auto glass replacement.  They would just need to pay the deductible that they chose with their insurance coverage.  $300 is a very common deductible but there is also a $500 option or greater.  Check your policy to see what your deductible is. 

If you are not covered by insurance, then you will be paying out of pocket.  But, whether your cracked auto glass replacement will be covered depends on your auto insurance company. Some insurers will send you to a specified auto glass repair shop on a network list, while others will let you choose your own.

If you have comprehensive coverage on your insurance, replacing your auto glass may be covered in full as it will fall under the Comprehensive Physical Damage section of your policy. 

Sometimes you need to pay a deductible, which is an amount that you pay out-of-pocket upfront, and the insurer pays the rest. Deductibles vary, but, for example, if you have a $300 deductible on window replacement, you will pay the $300 yourself, and the insurance company pays the rest.


Will Glass Replacement Affect my Premiums? 

Auto glass replacement usually doesn’t affect your insurance premiums. A cracked or shattered windshield is mostly due to external causes and not driver negligence, and it's for that reason that your insurer won't raise your premiums.  

However, it must be noted that if you have repeated auto glass replacement claims, it is possible that your insurer will investigate the causes and hike your premiums based on your claim history. 


Take Away the Pain 

Cracked auto glass is a pain but replacing it doesn’t have to be. With three branches in BC, we take the hassle out of broken car windows. 

Contact us for a quote or visit one of our branches today.

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Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hunter
28 ביולי 2023

Always contact RV Glass Repair professionals if your old automobile windshield needs to be replaced right away since they have qualified employees who can replace your windshield and install the best and toughest windshield at a reasonable price.

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