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Everything you need to know about headlight restoration

headlight being polished

Headlights are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle, so it’s important that they’re kept in pristine condition. At Capital Auto Glass and Upholstery, we provide professional auto glass repair and replacement services so you can keep your headlights shining brightly. Read on to learn more about why headlight restoration is essential for maintaining the safety and value of your car.


Why you should consider having your headlights restored

Even if you’re a cautious driver who keeps your car impeccably clean, over time the glass or plastic covers on your headlights inevitably become damaged by UV rays from the sun, debris from the road, heat from the halogen bulbs and even scrubbing from carwash brushes. Some signs of deteriorating headlights include:

  • Hazy, yellow or clouded headlight covers

  • Small scratches or dents

  • Lights no longer shining as brightly as they once did

If you start to notice these types of problems with your headlights, it’s time to look into having them restored. For normal wear and tear—such as cloudiness, small scratches and pitting—having your headlights repaired is more cost-effective option than having the lights replaced altogether. However, if there are signs of major damage to one of your headlights—such as a crack that goes all the way through the cover and affect how the light shines—you’ll need a replacement. Our experts will be able to tell you if your headlights can be repaired or if they need to be completely replaced.


The advantages of restoring your headlights

  • Here are just a few of the benefits of having your headlights restored or replaced:

  • It increases visibility while driving, which helps keep you and your passengers safe.

  • It helps maintain the resale value of your vehicle.

  • It enhances the appearance of your car by getting rid of cloudy, scratched or dented headlights.

  • Having your headlights restored saves you money by repairing the damage before they need to be replaced altogether.


Take care of all your auto glass needs

Your headlights are not the only part of your car that requires auto glass repair services. When having your headlights serviced, make sure to have the auto glass specialists check for damage to other parts of your car, such as the windows and windshield. At Capital Auto Glass and Upholstery, we offer chip repair and windshield replacement in addition to headlight restoration.

If the headlights, windshield, windows or upholstery of your car is damaged, get in touch with our team at Capital Auto Glass and Upholstery, We have locations in Victoria, Sidney and Courtenay and service cars from all over Vancouver Island. To learn more about our services or to book an appointment, contact us today.

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